What we do

At Common Frames we believe in the unifying power of creating media. That is why we develop and organize film and media literacy projects for (young) newcomers. Media play an important role in how we view the world and we are convinced that making media teaches us to look at this more critically. In our projects we bring various worlds together and we look for common frames. In this way we build bridges between the world of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Participation, co-creation and ownership are at the core of our work. Together with newcomers we discover what works and we adjust our methods accordingly.

We are experts in the field of media in relation to migration and diversity and we share this knowledge through coaching, research and training. At Common Frames, we are working towards a media landscape in which everyone can participate and feel seen and heard.



We are working towards a media world in which everyone feels recognized.


The interests of (young) newcomers are leading in everything we do and make.


Our media projects are accessible to every (young) newcomer.






Organization details:
Common Frames Foundation
Kastanjestraat 3
3552 SK Utrecht

Chamber of commerce: 75080958
RSIN Number: 860134398
IBAN Number: NL 71 TRIO 0379 6930 38

Statutory objective
The foundation aims to organize, develop and promote activities for the benefit of intercultural dialogue, inclusive communication and critical reflection. The foundation seeks to achieve its goal through creative creative processes, in particular educational media projects.

Common Frames has an independent board. The maximum term of office is twice four years. The Common Frames Foundation has a remote board that is voluntarily committed to the foundation. The board is composed as follows:

  • Chairman – Peter Schrurs
  • Treasurer – Ratna Lachmansingh
  • Secretary – Anamaria Cruz
  • Board member – Manon Sandee
  • Board member – Aziz Kawak


We enjoy working with our national and international partners. We are active in the Dutch Media Literacy Network, Dutch Film Education Network and LOWAN (Dutch Network Education Newcomers).