Ithaka Media Lab

Curriculum audiovisual and media literacy for young newcomers

The Ithaka Media Lab is a series of media literacy and visual literacy series specifically developed for young newcomers at International Transition Classes (ISK) in the Netherlands. It is the first custom-made educational program for this target group in the field of media literacy and (audio-)visual language. Working with media appears to be an excellent way to work with young newcomers. Teachers of ISK’s can work with media literacy in five modules.

In addition to the lesson series, Common Frames offers training courses for teachers as an explanation of the lessons and to enable them to properly embed the program in their education. The Ithaka Media Lab is the result of the Media literacy through Making Media (MMM) project at Utrecht University, which has been honoured within the Resilient and Meaningful Societies route of the National Research Agenda (NWA), Start impulse JOIN (2017-2019). The series of lessons was developed in co-creation with young people and teachers from the Ithaka ISK in Utrecht and is accompanied by academic research into how young newcomers, refugees in particular, can be trained in information processing and media use in order to feel at home more quickly and preparing themselves for a future in the Netherlands.

Teachers training

To integrate the curriculum well into the schools, we offer teacher trainings at Common Frames, in which we introduce the curriculum to teachers but above all go through practical exercises so that teachers get the right skills for making media in the classroom.

More information about the curriculum

Send an email to info [a] commonframes for more information or to request the curriculum. We kindly ask you to mention the name of the school. On our Media page you can find videos that provide more insight into the development of the project and the reflection of teachers.