Common Frames is an initiative of:
Hemmo Bruinenberg
Ena Omerovic
Sanne Sprenger

Common Frames is part of the Film Education Network and the Media Literacy Network in the Netherlands.


  • Ithaka Internationale Schakelklassen
  • Stichting De frisse blik
  • Universiteit Utrecht
  • Nederlands Filmfestival
  • EYE Filmmuseum
  • Beeld&Geluid
  • LOWAN – ondersteuning onderwijs nieuwkomers

Contact information:
Common Frames Foundation
Rooseveltlaan 452
3527 AR Utrecht
info [a]

The foundation aims to organize, develop and promote activities for the benefit of intercultural dialogue, inclusive communication and critical reflection. The foundation seeks to achieve its goal through creative creative processes, in particular educational media projects.

Common Frames has an independent board. The maximum term of office is twice four years. The Common Frames Foundation has a remote board that is voluntarily committed to the foundation. The board is composed as follows:
Chairman – Peter Schrurs
Treasurer – Jannet van Lange
Secretary – Anamaria Cruz
Board member – Jeroen Bishesar